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Moderate Quarantine or Sheltering in Place?

Graphic Novels are a fine companion item!
Want to read more comics! Then lets get going!

Third Coast Comics is STILL here for all of your graphic novel needs!

We can match your tastes to a graphic novel pretty easily.
It's our super power!

6443 N. Sheridan Rd. 
Chicago, IL
If you need us to ship, email terry@thirdcoastcomics.com

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TCC Has E-Gift Cards

Third Coast Comics Offers an E-Gift Card Option

Practicing Self Isolation or Social Distancing but still want to support your local comic shop? 
You can buy electronic gift cards from our shop now for use later. 

Running errands and unsure of when you can come in and actually shop? Buy an E-Gift Card ahead of time redeem it later!

Need a gift for a friend who happens to be a fan of the shop? Buy an E-Gift card that they can redeem when they shop.
All they'll have to do is provide your name and we can look up the card on file!

Just follow this swell link!




The TCC Chef's Choice Plan

The Third Coast Comics Chef's Choice Plan

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, we are aware than many customers just can't make it in to our shop to browse the selection.
Therefore we came up with this plan and it's worked for many customers both in our City or State and outside of it.

The Chef's Choice plan is this:

1. Contact us at terry@thirdcoastcomics.com and describe your tastes
2. Give us a budget of $25, $50, $75, $100, or $150 and we'll send you an amount of Graphic Novels to fit your taste and budget. 
3. We'll select your books and email you an invoice. 
4. You pay and we ship. 

Generally we can ship anywhere in the US. 

The average price per graphic novel is between $15 and $25 so in general this pricing includes shipping.